Baillie stands up for seniors

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Latest pharmacare debacle again calls Liberals’ competence, integrity into question

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie is condemning the Liberal government for putting its sneaky 19 per cent pharmacare premium hike on the backs of seniors.

This morning, a day later than promised, the Liberal government finally released details of their plan to charge seniors more for the pharmacare program.

Under these new changes, seniors face a 19 per cent increase for the program starting April 1st.

“The Liberals shifted a $10 million cost directly onto the backs of seniors,” says Baillie. “When they rolled this out, they only gave seniors one side of the story. Now, after intense pressure, we are slowly finding out the truth.”

Under the new structure, seniors will contribute 37 per cent to the cost of the program. The former system was established under a 75:25 payment ratio between government and seniors. On January 15, when the announcement was made, the Liberals tried to blame the need for an increase on rising drug costs and the need for the program to be more sustainable. We learned today drug costs are only anticipated to go up 5.4 per cent and under some scenarios, this new model could be less sustainable than before.

Baillie says the latest debacle again calls into question the competence of the government.

“How can seniors trust the McNeil Liberals?” asks Baillie. “Many seniors feel threated by letters they received in the mail and it’s no wonder. The Liberals tried to cloud this as much as possible in order to hide their cash grab.”


Liberals still silent on boat for Yarmouth to Maine

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PCs concerned about status of tour bus bookings

Progressive Conservative Business critic, John Lohr wants to know the status of tour bus bookings and cancellations for the 2016 Yarmouth ferry season.

“We are concerned and hearing that some tour buses are cancelling their runs to Nova Scotia because there is still no boat,” says Lohr. “If these rumours are true and tours are being negatively impacted, the public has a right to know.”

The Liberal government changed ferry operators last fall and required Bay Ferries to secure a boat within 45 days. That deadline has long since come and gone with no boat or update.

“People are rightfully concerned,” says Lohr. “Taxpayers want to know that there is going to be a service and how much money the Liberal government is going to give them.”

Nova Star started late in the 2014 season and blew through $21 million in a few months. In just two years, the Liberals spent $41.5 million on Nova Star whose operators were not able to make the run even close to sustainable.

Lohr says it is irresponsible of the McNeil government to be so passive when so much is at stake.

“The Liberals keep saying ‘trust us.’ How can we?” John Lohr asks. “We’ve seen this all before from this Liberal government. It’s time for them to just tell us what’s going on.”

Lohr says the tourism industry is too important to keep dangling this way. This kind of Government waffling is short-sighted and could damage recent industry-driven progress.

“The lack of decision-making is hurting the local tourism industry,” says Lohr. “Tourism operators are resilient and self-reliant. They need a government that is honest with them about the likelihood of a ferry service from Yarmouth to Maine.”

The PC Caucus is committed to a ferry service in Yarmouth and wants to see a long-term plan for the future.

d’Entremont deeply saddened by passing of CB lobster fisherman

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November 30, 2015
For immediate release

BARRINGTION, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington Chris d’Entremont is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the Cape Breton lobster fisherman in District 34 today.

Barrington RCMP have confirmed they are investigating the man’s death.

“My deepest condolences to the Cape Breton man’s family and friends,” said d’Entremont. “Our community mourns with you.”

 Today, was the first day of the lobster fishing season in districts 33 and 34.

 “This is an awful way to start the season,” said d’Entremont. “Today’s tragedy is a harsh reminder of how dangerous fishing can be and how relentless and unforgiving the ocean is.”


For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Edge


d’Entremont offers condolences to fisherman’s family

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March 10, 2015

For immediate release


ARGYLE, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle Barrington, Chris d’Entremont, offers his condolences to the family of Captain Larry Wayne Sears, who died last night while lobster fishing.


“My heart goes out to the members of Mr. Sears’ family,” d’Entremont said. “My thoughts and prayers are with them as they go through this difficult time.”


“This latest tragedy is another reminder of just how dangerous fishing can be,” d’Entremont said. “I continue to be amazed at the efforts of our fishermen, risking their lives on a daily basis to provide for their families.”

Roads Plan for Argyle Barrington

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Hi everyone,

Well there’s good news and bad news…

image1The good news is that Stoney Island Road (10km) and Trunk 3 Argyle (6.7kms) was included in the government’s capital plan, which was released yesterday in Halifax. The bad news, the funding for Trunk 3 Argyle won’t be there until 2019-2020.

Overall capital spending is down about $45 million. Given our economy, it’s good to see the government actually start showing some financial restraint, but it’s disappointing to see departmental spending is up by over $380 million.

Basically that means there’s less money going into building and fixing schools, roads and hospitals and more money going into government salaries and rent. That is an imbalance that doesn’t favour Nova Scotians or our communities. It favours the government.

It’s an imbalance that leaves us waiting four or five years for Trunk 3 Argyle.

But, in the spirit of the holiday, I have decided to be thankful that we made the list at all. There are many worthy projects and communities that are left waiting and wondering if the funding will ever come.

Thank you to everyone who called the office, signed the petition or stopped me on the street to talk about Trunk 3 Argyle.

More information on the Roads plan can be found here.

Two Family Physicians in Yarmouth Accepting 400 New Patients

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On behalf of Dr. Amna Kremed and Dr. Nazila Khanahmadi, South West Health is pleased to announce they are both accepting 200 new patients each.

Residents of Yarmouth County who currently do not have a primary care provider, and who are interested in applying to become a patient of Dr. Kremed or Dr. Khanahmadi, please NOTE:

Please pick up a registration form at 6 Parade Street, Yarmouth, N.S.
or call 902-742-4528 for information about how to register as a patient

A total of 400 patients will be registered. An announcement will be made when patients are being registered again.
The physicians office is NOT able to keep a waiting list.
People will only be considered who do not currently have a primary health provider (Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner) in Digby, Shelburne or Yarmouth Counties.
First priority will be given to the residents of Yarmouth County.
Please do not call with a list of names of friends or extended family members. The physicians will only consider you and your immediate family members (spouse, parent or children).

All announcements about Family Physicians accepting new patients are shared with the local media, and posted on the South West Health website: