Liberals still silent on boat for Yarmouth to Maine

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PCs concerned about status of tour bus bookings

Progressive Conservative Business critic, John Lohr wants to know the status of tour bus bookings and cancellations for the 2016 Yarmouth ferry season.

“We are concerned and hearing that some tour buses are cancelling their runs to Nova Scotia because there is still no boat,” says Lohr. “If these rumours are true and tours are being negatively impacted, the public has a right to know.”

The Liberal government changed ferry operators last fall and required Bay Ferries to secure a boat within 45 days. That deadline has long since come and gone with no boat or update.

“People are rightfully concerned,” says Lohr. “Taxpayers want to know that there is going to be a service and how much money the Liberal government is going to give them.”

Nova Star started late in the 2014 season and blew through $21 million in a few months. In just two years, the Liberals spent $41.5 million on Nova Star whose operators were not able to make the run even close to sustainable.

Lohr says it is irresponsible of the McNeil government to be so passive when so much is at stake.

“The Liberals keep saying ‘trust us.’ How can we?” John Lohr asks. “We’ve seen this all before from this Liberal government. It’s time for them to just tell us what’s going on.”

Lohr says the tourism industry is too important to keep dangling this way. This kind of Government waffling is short-sighted and could damage recent industry-driven progress.

“The lack of decision-making is hurting the local tourism industry,” says Lohr. “Tourism operators are resilient and self-reliant. They need a government that is honest with them about the likelihood of a ferry service from Yarmouth to Maine.”

The PC Caucus is committed to a ferry service in Yarmouth and wants to see a long-term plan for the future.