Baillie stands up for seniors

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Latest pharmacare debacle again calls Liberals’ competence, integrity into question

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie is condemning the Liberal government for putting its sneaky 19 per cent pharmacare premium hike on the backs of seniors.

This morning, a day later than promised, the Liberal government finally released details of their plan to charge seniors more for the pharmacare program.

Under these new changes, seniors face a 19 per cent increase for the program starting April 1st.

“The Liberals shifted a $10 million cost directly onto the backs of seniors,” says Baillie. “When they rolled this out, they only gave seniors one side of the story. Now, after intense pressure, we are slowly finding out the truth.”

Under the new structure, seniors will contribute 37 per cent to the cost of the program. The former system was established under a 75:25 payment ratio between government and seniors. On January 15, when the announcement was made, the Liberals tried to blame the need for an increase on rising drug costs and the need for the program to be more sustainable. We learned today drug costs are only anticipated to go up 5.4 per cent and under some scenarios, this new model could be less sustainable than before.

Baillie says the latest debacle again calls into question the competence of the government.

“How can seniors trust the McNeil Liberals?” asks Baillie. “Many seniors feel threated by letters they received in the mail and it’s no wonder. The Liberals tried to cloud this as much as possible in order to hide their cash grab.”