Month: December 2014

Roads Plan for Argyle Barrington

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Hi everyone,

Well there’s good news and bad news…

image1The good news is that Stoney Island Road (10km) and Trunk 3 Argyle (6.7kms) was included in the government’s capital plan, which was released yesterday in Halifax. The bad news, the funding for Trunk 3 Argyle won’t be there until 2019-2020.

Overall capital spending is down about $45 million. Given our economy, it’s good to see the government actually start showing some financial restraint, but it’s disappointing to see departmental spending is up by over $380 million.

Basically that means there’s less money going into building and fixing schools, roads and hospitals and more money going into government salaries and rent. That is an imbalance that doesn’t favour Nova Scotians or our communities. It favours the government.

It’s an imbalance that leaves us waiting four or five years for Trunk 3 Argyle.

But, in the spirit of the holiday, I have decided to be thankful that we made the list at all. There are many worthy projects and communities that are left waiting and wondering if the funding will ever come.

Thank you to everyone who called the office, signed the petition or stopped me on the street to talk about Trunk 3 Argyle.

More information on the Roads plan can be found here.


Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

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