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d’Entremont to NDP: Let the people of Shelburne have their say

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October 13, 2012

ARGYLE, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont says the NDP and Liberal members of the House of Assembly’s Law Amendments Committee should agree to do everything possible to ensure the people of Shelburne have their voices heard when the upcoming electoral boundaries legislation is reviewed.

d’Entremont’s comments come one day after Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie attended a meeting with hundreds of residents from Shelburne and the surrounding areas. Baillie says it’s clear the people of Shelburne believe their voices need to be heard before the House of Assembly passes legislation enacting Nova Scotia’s new electoral boundaries.

d’Entremont, a member of the Law Amendments Committee, says he intends to introduce a motion that will move the committee meeting to Shelburne.

“All Nova Scotians, including the people of Shelburne, deserve a fair and open process for setting electoral boundaries and all Nova Scotians deserve to have their voice heard,” said d’Entremont. “For too many, their faith in this process has been lost and Shelburne is only the latest example. The NDP have let the people of Shelburne and all Nova Scotia down by interfering in what was supposed to be an independent commission.”

d’Entremont says the Dexter NDP has botched the process of setting the new electoral boundaries from the start and Shelburne is now being told they have to pay the price. The difference, says d’Entremont, is unlike in Yarmouth, Shelburne has no forum to make its voice heard.

The members of the Progressive Conservative Caucus are committed to making sure the people of Shelburne have their say.


Boundary Presentation to Canadian Parliamentary Association

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I was able to present the current situation on boundaries in Nova Scotia to the CPA. I thought it provided a good explanation how we’ve come to this point. It caused a great discussion on how other provinces conduct their reviews and most in attendance were concerned with the intervention of the Minister of Justice.  Have a look, if you have any question, please email me or call the office.  Click on the link below to download a PDF of the presentation.

CPA Edmonton Presentation