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First of all I’d like to say Happy Easter to everyone, regardless of the fact that the issue regarding the funding of SHYFT’s 24/7 service has yet to be resolved.  Last week we were able to ask questions of the Minister of Community Services in the NS Legislature during question period.  I’ve added the link to this unbelievable performance by the minister. Click Here

There are a number of issues that this brought up, underlining that the minister does not have her details correct.  She said that this has been overblown by the “grownups and politicians”.  I want to tell her that nothing is further from the truth, I want to thank the hundreds of concerned citizens, young and old that have met and rallied to support help for youth in our area.

Secondly  she tried to pull a trick at the end of the “answer” using a news story from 2009 when I was Minister of Community Services. She quotes that I was concerned about the issue and that I wasn’t sure a facility like SHYFT needed to exist.  At that time the issue of youth homelessness was just being identified, and I asked the organizations to work together and study the issue so that we all had a better handle on how big the issue was.  In the end a provincial election was called and I was no longer the minister.  As a matter of fact the rest of the story resides with the current Minister Peterson-Rafuse who has been the Minister since that time.  So my shoulders are big, but when she tried to blame others for her inaction, I have to stand up and bring her to task.

To finish this thought, I am sorry I wasn’t Minister of Community Services, so that I could have followed the process through to a conclusion that would have created a long term funding model that would have put Youth in the Tri-Counties first.

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