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‘Making life better’ continues to elude NDP

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Paying $743 each in higher HST makes life less affordable for Nova Scotians

Today’s Speech from the Throne will be the fourth by the NDP government. Each one promises to make life better, but each one resulted in higher and higher costs for Nova Scotia families.

The NDP’s previous throne speeches titles:

September 17, 2009 — A Better Day for Today’s Families

March 25, 2010 — Making Life Better for You and Your Family

March 31, 2011 — Building on a Plan to Make Life Better for You and Your Family

Since breaking their election promise and raising the HST in July 2010, the NDP government has collected $743 in higher HST from every man, woman and child in Nova Scotia. That’s more than $685 million in total.

Next week’s budget will continue the pain, taking in an estimated $350 million more in extra HST and pushing the per person total over $1,000.

PC House Leader Chris d’Entremont suggests this year’s title should be: “Still making plans and trying to think of ways to hopefully someday make life better”.

d’Entremont says that collecting $743 in higher HST from every man, woman and child in Nova Scotia is nobody’s idea of making life better.

“If there is any doubt as to the failure of the NDP to manage our economy, just consider that every province in Canada provides public services at a lower rate of taxation than here in Nova Scotia,” said d’Entremont. “The NDP promised to make life better for Nova Scotians, but with every new dollar they take from Nova Scotians and spend on their own misplaced priorities, they are making life less affordable.”

The Nova Scotia government’s actual HST revenue in recent years:

Public Accounts 2008 – HST at 13%– revenue: $1,074,875,000

Public Accounts 2009 – HST at 13% – revenue: $1,174,966,000

Public Accounts 2010 – HST at 13% – revenue: $1,187,177,000 (baseline)

Public Accounts 2011 – HST at 15% starting July 1 – revenue: $1,478,876,000 (+$291.7 million over baseline)

Public Accounts 2012 – HST at 15%– revenue forecast: $1,581,800,000 (+$394.6 million over baseline)

Since July 1, 2010 – Additional HST revenue at 15% = $685,600,000.

Latest census data on Nova Scotia’s population: 921,727 (2011) link:…

The 2009-10 deficit was $241 million link:…

Latest forecast update predicts $261 million deficit link:…


Indian Sluice Bridge Closure

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The bridge will be closed on Thursday from 9 to noon and then 12:30 to 2:30.

This closure will be to remove the osprey nest on the centre span.  The nest will be move to another location so that the birds may continue to grow in the area.  This is another step in the pre-construction phase of the new bridge that will begin construction this summer to replace the 100+ year old span.