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Gun Registry

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d’Entremont applauds elimination of long-gun registry

February 17, 2012
For Immediate Release

TUSKET, NS – Argyle MLA Chris d’Entremont is applauding the federal Conservative government’s decision to scrap the wasteful and inefficient long-gun registry.

“Rural Nova Scotia has been waiting for this for a long time,” said d’Entremont. “By forcing farmers and recreational hunters to register their long-guns, law abiding Nova Scotians were made to feel like criminals. Thanks to the hard work of West Nova MP Greg Kerr and the Nova Scotia Conservative team, this failed registry will soon be behind us.”

The vote to scrap the long-gun registry occurred Wednesday in the House of Commons. All Nova Scotia Liberal and NDP Members of Parliament voted against scrapping the registry and in favor of continued wasteful spending.

“Crimes were still being committed by criminals with unregistered weapons,” said d’Entremont. “All this billion-dollar boondoggle accomplished was to waste precious taxpayer dollars.”

The PC Caucus says they will continue to put pressure on Nova Scotia’s NDP government and urge them not to replace the federal registry with one of their own.

“The federal NDP voted against rural Nova Scotia when they refused to support an end to the long-gun registry,” said d’Entremont. “I want to make sure the current NDP government doesn’t try to pick up where their federal colleagues failed and follow the federal Liberals’ path with another bureaucratic boondoggle.”